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International Photography Salon Schedule

welcome 歡 迎

We welcome photographers from all around the world to participate.

Now accepting online submissions
現 在 接 受 在 綫 投 稿

This year (2021) salon is being processed.
本 年 (2021) 沙 龍 處 理 中。

Due to the severe relationship of Covid-19, this year is suspended for one term.  Also we have notified PSA

上 述 各 攝 影 會 舉 辦 國 際 攝 影 沙 龍,以 截 止 日 期 為 排 序。
The above-mentioned photography will hold international photography salons, sorted by deadline.

歡 迎 各 位 攝 影 愛 好 者 踴 躍 參 加 上 述 各 攝 影 會 主 辦 的 沙 龍
Welcome all the photographers who love to take part in the Salon hosted by the above-mentioned filming clubs.

Welcome photography clubs to browse Online Entry system.
This Online Entry system offers rental programs for various photography clubs to host international photography salons.
If you are interested in joining the Online Entry system, please contact:

本 Online Entry 提供租給各攝影會有主辦國際攝影沙龍收件程式。

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